FOSS Kjeltec 8100 Nitrogen Distilation Unit Refurbished


FOSS Kjeltec 8100 Nitrogen Distilation Unit Refurbished

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FOSS Kjeltec 8100 is a semi-automated distillation unit designed primarily for Kjeldahl analysis, but widely used for many different distillation chemistries.
This has been obtained via a part exchange from a customer when they upgraded to one of our OPSIS KjelROC distillation units. The FOSS Unit has been refurbished back to new condition with a complete service and new parts fitted, a deep clean and with a brand new AMPCS 250ml Digestion tube. We are so confident in the quality of this machine we are happy to offer a 3 month warranty from shipped date or date of Installation by a AMPCS Engineer*
*Instillation is at an additional fee, but not compulsory. You can opt to install this yourself but Warranty will start when we ship the machine. Delivery Fee is avoided if you pay for installation.
10% off a first year Service Contract including a Site visit and service 12 months after purchase can be added, please call the Office for details on this: 01621 843354.
We can also provide additional 250ml Digestion tubes at an additional cost.
For any Questions please call the AMPCS Office on 01621 843354.
We also have the original FOSS Handbook.
Performance data at 230 V 
Analysis time
3.5 minutes at 30 mg N
(6.5 minutes at 200 mg N)
Distillation capacity 40 ml/min at 230 V (at 100% steam addition)
Measuring range 0.1 – 210 mg N
Reproducibility 1% RSD (including the digestion step)
Recovery 200 ml in less than 10 seconds
Tube draining 0 – 150 ml in steps of 10 ml
Delay 0 – 1800 seconds SAfE (Patented) 0 – 15 seconds
Variable steam addition 30-100 % in steps of 10 %
Water consumption (during distillation only) 3 l/min at water temp of 25°C* 1 l/min at water temp of 15°C (Circulating Cooler recommended at 25°C)
Installation requirements
Power supply 200 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz
Tolerable voltage variation ± 10 %
Power consumption 2 200 W
Ambient temperature 5 – 40ºC
Ambient humidity max. 80% relative
Drain For cooling water only Weight net 35 kg Dimensions (w×d×h) cm 48 × 58 × 6


Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 58 × 48 × 6 cm