Flour Milling Analyzer

The Flour Milling Analyzer is a complete solution for the analysis of flour and by-products.

AMPCS Ltd delivers proven solutions for the flour milling industry via Unity Scientific Analysers. Control of incoming wheat, milling and final flour quality are critical to profitable flour milling.

  • Incoming wheat and dried vital gluten testing to guide proper storage and  processing
  • Testing to optimize least cost formulation
  • Monitoring and controlling the  tempering process
  • Monitoring and controlling the milling process
  • Verifying quality of milling by-products
  • Verifying and documenting finished flour label claims

The Unity Flour Analyzer is fast, allowing for 100% measurement of incoming wheat as well as the various control points during the milling process. The speed, combined with guaranteed accuracy, allows for complete control of the mill, maximizing profits and providing fast payback.

  • Flour Analyzer Basic model with Unity calibrations for major constituent predictions of finished flours and SpectraStar 1400 XT
  • Flour and Wheat Analyzer Basic with Unity calibrations for major constituent predictions of finished flours and whole wheat and SpectraStar 1400 XT
  • Deluxe model powered by the INGOT® calibration package from Aunir and SpectraStar 2600 XT

The Deluxe Unity Flour Analyzer, powered by the INGOT calibration package from Aunir®, includes a full suite of calibrations for wheat, vital gluten, byproducts and finished flours.  Calibrations are available for moisture, protein, ash, water absorption, starch damage, extensibility, falling number and more. The calibration for falling number can be used for screening of incoming grain thereby minimizing the need for actual wet chemistry analysis of the parameter. Accuracy is not high enough for replacing the falling number method but can be used to reduce the number of tests required.

All INGOT calibrations are backed by Aunir’s 30 years of experience in the field and comes with a performance guarantee. Calibration experts are on call to specifically tailor the calibrations to your needs.


Fast, accurate analysis is critical for flour millers to optimize their process, minimize re-work, and ensure quality of finished products and by-products. Optimizing the process will save the plant time and money and provide very rapid payback.