NIR Grain Analyser

AMPCS are the UK distributors of Infracont NIR Grain analysers.

Infraconts grain analysers apply unique, patented optics inside called Single Beam Compensation System. Infracont’s grain and flour analyser instrument are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and user interface. Thanks to careful product design and professional manufacturing background, our analysers meet the expectations of the industry in terms of accuracy and stability and meet the high demands of our customers.

These analysers are part of the UK Grain Testing Network (UKGTN) for Harvest 2020.

Professional Near Infrared Transmission grain and flour analyser for analysing whole grain cereals and oil seeds as well as flour content parameters with a built-in hectolitre weight module.

Infracont SGrain is the only portable grain analyser in the world that provides the highest accuracy by applying a high-precision scanning grating monochromator optics inside.