Forage Analyzer

The Forage Analyzer is a complete package for the nutritional analysis of all types of forages.

Unity Forage Analyzer packages are complete solutions ready for the analysis of fresh and ensiled hays and forages.

Unity delivers proven solutions for the feed, ingredients, pet food and forage markets. Well-controlled animal nutrition will optimize growth rates, milk production as well as reproduction rates. In less than a minute, our NIR systems provide simultaneous results for moisture, NDF, ADF, lignin, protein, ash, and other parameters. Our Forage Analyzer is ideal for optimizing ruminant feed analysis including:

  • Testing forage quality prior to mixing Total Mixed Rations
  • Optimizing feed quality and parameters to nutritional needs
  • Maximizing weight gain, milk production and animal health
  • Lowering raw ingredient costs for livestock rations

The Unity Scientific Forage Analyzer is based on the SpectraStar XT, the next generation high performance NIR analyzer based on the TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology.  The SpectraStar XT incorporates a rotating top window (RTW) sytem for the ultimate in sampling flexibility, allowing the customer to make measurements of all dried forages.


The Unity Forage Analyzer is powered by the INGOT® Forage calibration package from Aunir®.  This package includes a full suite of calibrations for dried grass, hay, legume and grain forages, both ensiled and fresh. A comprehensive list of constituents are predicted including dry matter, protein, crude fiber, ash, total sugars, NDF, ADF, ADL and dry matter digestability. The Unity Forage analyzer provides instant access to a complete nutritional profile for all your forages.

All INGOT calibrations are backed by Aunir’s 30 years of experience in the field and comes with a performance guarantee. Calibration experts are on call to specifically tailor the calibrations to our customer’s needs.


The Unity Forage Analyzer is fast, allowing for 100% measurement of incoming forages and ensiled materials.  These analytical data form the basis for effective least cost formulation and also results in more consistent feed and increased animal performance.  The Unity Forage analyzer will maximize animal performance and increase profits in your dairy or feedlot production.