KjelROC Distillation Unit

Our KjelROC Distillation unit offers full control of the distillation process at a low cost. The instrument is a Kjeldahl apparatus with full control of alkali, water and steam. There are two versions of the steam distillation system – one with automatic addition of receiver solution and one without. All our KjelROC models can be upgraded.

Unique Service System. Reduced Maintenance Costs.

Unique Service system saves time and costs for maintenance.

Component lifetime and maintenance costs are optimized with the help of OPSIS component traceability program. It allows easy diagnostics and follow-up of both instruments and components.

Prepared for ISO 17025 and GLP features, reduce time and costs when integrating the instrument into the Lab procedures.

Expandable system. Low cost for upgrade.

The KjelROC Distillation Unit can easily be upgraded to a full KjelROC Analyzer or an Autosampler.

Automation and Traceability. Increased efficiency.

The KjelROC Distillation Unit is completely automatic with programmable addition of alkali, water and receiver solution.

There is full tractability with the possibility to track samples as well as retrieve log files from the instrument. The wireless system makes it even easier to send and receive information.

Data Sheets for Download: