NIR Analyser’s


The SpectraStar™ family of Near Infrared Analyzers (NIR) offer rapid, at-line analysis of unground, partially ground, or ground samples as well as liquids and slurries. With over 2500 NIR analyzers in the field, SpectraStar analyzers provide reliable data for manufacturing and research applications. Typical constituents measured are moisture, protein, fat, sugar and fibers as well as more difficult parameters such as ash and amino acids.

All SpectraStar NIR analyzers are made in the USA and feature patented TAS – TRUE Alignment® Spectroscopy technology that precisely calibrates and maintains instrument alignment to first principle standards.

SpectrStar 1400 XT

The SpectraStar 1400 XT is our entry level next generation analyzer designed for routine analysis of more simple products and constituents.

SpectraStar 2600 XT

The SpectraStar 2600 XT is a next generation full featued NIR scanning the classic NIR range for top performance with more complex products and constituents.

SpectraStar 2600 XT-R

The SpectraStar 2600 XT-R is our next generation research grade instrument with an extended scanning range and maximum versatility in reflectance NIR applications.

Smart Sampler

The SmartSample allows unattended analysis of up to 72 samples.