Pet Food Analyzer

The Unity Pet Food Analyzer is a ready to use complete solution for analyzing ingredients and finished product in a pet food plant. 


Our Pet Food Analyzer is ideal for every step in the pet food manufacturing process, including:

  • Raw material testing to verify supplier integrity
  • Raw material testing to guide proper ration supplementation
  • Raw material testing to control meal formulation
  • Monitoring and controlling mixers and optimizing the addition of liquid fat
  • Monitoring and controlling moisture levels in extruders and driers
  • Verifying production batch values and optimizing fat spraying on pellets
  • Verifying and documenting finished pet food label claims

The Unity Pet Food Analyzer is fast, allowing for 100% measurement of incoming ingredients and finished pet food. This speed, combined with guaranteed accuracy, allows for complete control of the plant, maximizing profits and providing fast payback.

In less than a minute, our NIR systems provide simultaneous results for moisture, protein, fat, fiber, ash, and other parameters.


Unity Pet Food Analyzer packages are complete solutions ready for the analysis of feed ingredients and finished pet food.

The Pet Food Analyzer is based on the SpectraStar XT, the next generation high performance NIR analyzer based on the TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology. The SpectraStar XT incorporates a rotating top window (RTW) system for the ultimate in sampling flexibility, allowing the customer to make measurements of all finished feed and feed ingredients. The SpectraStar XT’s quick analysis time provides real-time feedback that allows the process to be controlled, optimizing the process and providing rapid payback.


The Unity Pet Food Analyzer is powered by the Ingot calibration package from Aunir. This package includes a full suite of calibrations for finished pet food and ingredients. Finished dry pet food calibrations are available for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets and other small mammals. With calibrations for over 70 different ingredients, the Ingot calibration package covers virtually all ingredients used in the pet food plant. All Ingot calibrations are backed by Aunir’s 30 years of experience and are guaranteed to be accurate. Calibration experts are on call to specifically tailor the calibrations to our customer’s needs.


The Unity Scientific Pet Food Analyzer, powered by Ingot calibrations takes all of the guess work out of NIR analysis. With calibration performance that is guaranteed to be accurate, customers can be confident enough to completely control their process, providing great financial benefit to the plant.