QuickTox for QuickScan Zearalenone Flex

QuickTox for QuickScan Zearalenone Flex

Detects: Total zearalenone

Results In: 5 minutes

Analyte class: Mycotoxins

Format: Lateral flow membrane strips (dipsticks), 50 strips/kit, sealed in a desiccated, reclosable plastic canister; also includes Dilution Buffer and reaction vials

Matrix: MG1: Corn; MG2: Wheat, wheat bran, and sorghum; MG3: DDGS

Limit of Quantification: Results are reported from 50 to 520 ppb with the QuickScan System (100-1000 for DDGS)

Reagents: Dilution Buffer (provided); 50% Ethanol (user provided)

Catalog Number: AQ-312-BG

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