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AMPCS Ltd can supply you with a range of testing kits through our partner Envirologix.

These include testing kits for:

Please see below for more information on the range of mycotoxin testing kits for DON3, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin A, Zearalenone and Aflatoxin.

To talk to one of our technical experts about the full range of Envirologix test kits, phone +44 (0)1621 843354 or email


Envirologix QuickTox DON3

QuickTox for QuickScan – DON3 provides the fastest quantitative, traceable results for deoxynivalenol in corn, wheat, barley, or rough rice (with more matrices coming soon!).
QuickTox Strips can be processed simultaneously with the industry leading QuickComb for GMOs. Alternatively, up to four DON strips can be read at the same time.

QuickTox for QuickScan – DON3 offers:

  • Speed – three-minute test!
  • Ease of use – water extraction, 30-second shake, no special equipment and no drying step
  • Extended range – quantify from 0,3 up to 12 ppm with no extra steps

fumoEnvirologix QuickTox FUMO

• Detects total Fumonisins (B1+B2+B3)
• Validated for corn and derivatives
• Results in less than 10 minutes
• Extraction with Ethanol 50% (no MeOH required!!)
• Validated by USDA/GIPSA
• Possible co-testing with Aflatoxina and Zearalenon in the same extract
• Quantitative Kit: Range 0,2-36 ppm using Quickscan



don3Envirologix QuickTox Ocratox A

•Detects Ochratoxin A
•Validated on wheat
•Results in less than 10 minutes
•Extraction in water based buffer ready to use in concentrated solution in the kit
•AOAC Certified
•Quantitative Kit:
–Range 1,5 – 100 ppb using QuickScan


zonEnvirologix QuickTox ZON

•Detects Zearalenone
•Validated on corn
•Results in less than 10 minutes
•Extraction in Ethanol 50%
•Possible co-testing with Aflatoxin and Zearalenone in the same extract
•Quantitative kit:
–Range 50 – 520 ppb using Quickscan


ocraEnvirologix QuickTox ALFA

• Detects total Aflatoxins
• Validated for corn, wheat and DDGS; many other matrices to come
• Results in less than 10 minutes
• Extraction with Ethanol 50% (no MeOH required!)
• Validated by USDA/GIPSA and AOAC
• Two kits available:
– Qualitative: LOD 20 ppb
– Quantitative: LOQ 2,5-100 ppb to be used with QuickScan

• Competitive LFD: