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AMPCS Ltd is an approved supplier of the Mininfra range of grain analysers from Infracont Kft.

Using high quality infrared technology, they analyse whole grains and flours without the need for sample preparation. They can measure protein, moisture, gluten, ash and oil content and parameters including Zeleny index, grain hardness and W values. Please follow the links at the bottom of this page for more information on the range.

Our technical experts can also repair and service Foss Infratec grain analysers at very competitive rates.

To talk to one of our technical experts about the full range of Infracont grain analysers or your Foss analyser, phone +44 (0)1621 843354 or email

Mininfra SmarT   Mininfra SmarT / SmarT SW grain analysers

Mininfra Scan-T   Mininfra Scan-T Plus grain analyser